Your pet's

health care


Shedding excess fur is a natural and important process for dogs, particularly for breeds with dense hair. Shedding allows them to rid their bodies of old, damaged, and excessive hair. It can also be a red flag for you that signifies a health or emotional issue that needs attention, such as allergies, stress, or a poor diet.

You probably already know that brushing is good for your dog. It removes excess hair, stimulates the skin, and promotes a shiny, healthy, clean coat.  Brushing alone may not be sufficient to prevent tangling and matting that can lead to excessive shedding. Brush bristles aren't equipped to reach the finer, softer fur closest to the skin that is more likely to become matted. The masses and tangles can cause discomfort and skin problems for your dog, even requiring that fur be shaved in some cases.

Choose a tool that is best suited for your dog's size, hair length and type.  Make sure the tool fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use and safety of your pet.  We can help you choose the right tool.